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Keynote Speaker Dorian Anderson

Keynote dinner is Thursday, August 4th at 6:30 pm Tickets are $35.00 - You may register for Dorian's Keynote at the end of the field trips or buy tickets at the registration desk. Our Keynote includes a full meal.
You can now buy your tickets in our online store

Dorian Anderson started birding in Pennsylvania and New Jersey at age 7. Although an avid birder until age 15, the interest took a back seat to his education for the subsequent 15 years. After attending boarding school in Connecticut, Anderson attended Stanford University where he majored in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He obtained his Ph.D. in Developmental Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology from NYU before accepting a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neurobiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. It was during this last stretch that the birding passion was awakened and an obsession with bird photography discovered. After 3 years in Boston, Anderson resigned his research position to embark on his year-long Biking for Birds Big Year adventure. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his fiancé, Sonia.

2016 Artwork by Linda Feltner

Linda M. Feltner is an award-winning nature artist and educator. She combines the creativity of artistic design with strict standards of scientific accuracy, into what has become her trademark. Her areas of expertise include painting and drawing, teaching national workshops, and maintaining her flourishing freelance business in interpretive illustration. Linda has instructed for the UW Scientific Illustration Certification Program, and teaches for the Art Institute-Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Linda’s aim is to provide a spark--to awaken curiosity and invite questions, to promote an appreciation for the complexity of nature and to foster a desire to protect it. She holds a Master’s of Art degree in painting and drawing. She is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists.